Precision Medicine Treatment for Cancer - Benefits & Side effects

Precision Medicine Treatment for Cancer - Benefits & Side effects
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Precision Medicine Treatment for Cancer. Benefits & Side effects

Precision Medicine treatment of cancer

Precision medicine is an advanced technology of medicine in science and technology. The main aim of precision medicine is to take care of cancer patients. Doctor give precision medicine to the cancer patients based on the genetic understanding of diseases. Some drugs of precision medicine are also known as targeted therapy. The researcher can research about this medicine. When the doctor used it to treat cancer whose main aim is to target the genetic changes arises due to cancer. It does not matter where cancer develops inside the patient body. Precision medicine provides genetic information about the tumor and also helps the doctor to recover patient from cancer in a better way.

The benefit of precision medicine treatment while using it to treat cancer

  • Precision medicine is a new approach which is used for providing protection to participants who do research related to the privacy of patient and confidentiality of research data.
  • It also helps in designing new tools that are used for building, analyzing and sharing large sets of medical data.
  • It also helps in the improvement of FDA oversight of test, drugs and other technologies which helps to support innovation in the treatment of cancer.

Promises and Side effects of treatment of precision medicine that is used to treat cancer

In the case of precision medicine which is used to treat cancer have a quality control problem. Currently, the researcher might not find out the pathway for the treatment of cancer by using precision medicine. During surgery sample of precision, medicines are taken may appear in poor shape. Then the doctor sends this sample to the pathology lab. After that this treatment is safe and effective for the patient who suffers from cancer. Precision medicine has fewer side effects while using the treatment of cancer. The promise of precision medicines delivers the right treatment at the right time. President Barack Obama announced a 215 dollar effort to gather genetic data for one million American. The main aim of this plan is to discover genetic causes of disease and find new drugs for the treatment of cancer. Precision medicines enable the alternate delivery of medicine which means patients can take to the doctor. The patient has their own genetic information. The doctor can use this genetic information to specifically design for the treatment of cancer. Obviously, the patient suffered from cancer in their gene and so it also helps to treat lots of people in the same situation. The doctor can look at the cancer of patient and look at individual cell inside the tumor to understand the system has gone arrive is possible to analyze very complexity using a computer algorithm to be able to see the interaction of protein inside the gene. The side effect of precision medicine while treating cancer by using this medicine. It is difficult to forecast exactly with the financial implications of precision medicines allowing today. On one end if the drug is a trailer to a very specific population. The prices of precision medicine regarding health care higher. Because the value of this medicine for the treatment of cancer patients is also higher. On the other hand today many people are taking drugs that are really not doing better as compared to this medicine. The doctor can avoid unnecessary cause in an appropriate medicine that would be cost saving. It is important for the life of the patient that does not happen overnight. The genetic treatment of cancer is now straight forward. The doctor can sequence rapidly to check how to treat cancer patients. The development of drugs does not take time in the world economic form.

Precision medicine is used for the treatment of breast cancer patients

Cancer before doctor treated has millions and millions of genetic changes allow it for the very powerful drug resistance and now it is one of the major challenges. The doctor put it to use surgery and used to find surgery incredibly. Drug resistance is the major mortality of breast cancer. The computer acts as a major key by using big data that allows for the measurement of billions of variables, but it requires the development of tool and education in order to make it successful. All of the information the doctor has available that can help to determine the active pathways and take precautions that can create a great understanding of combination therapies. The Pittsburgh health data alliance applies a novel computational method of data. This data will help the doctor the risk of cancer that is suffered by the patient and how to treat that disease. Breast cancer has led the field in precision medicine. It had the first personalized biomarker that helps in the estrogen receptor which protects whether the patient should have an entire estrogen. This medicine helps in measuring the single biomarkers has allowed for the application of targeted therapies. Now doctors can comprehensively analyze many mutations with solid cancer and through a liquid biopsy that helps to direct therapies. So doctors have an example to apply in multiple patients. The doctor can take blood found in mutational too and give promising for responses. UPMC is applying in precision medicine with promising results in order to deliver anti-HER2 therapies to the patients with a HER2 mutation. Precision medicine is used to describe and adapting the treatment of diseases such as breast cancer. In order to provide the most effective treatment while it is used to treat cancer.

Precision medicine is used for the treatment of lung cancer

Precision medicine uses genetic or any other information from the protein expression of patient cancer to diagnose and to treat their cancer. This therapy is based on the results of individual patient cancer is also called as personalized or targeted therapy. For lung cancer patients there are two precision medicines clinical trials that are enrolling patients currently. Lung map is one of the precision medicine clinical and second one is the Alchemist. Both the trials having different stages for lung cancer patients with different cancer types. Alchemist is the precision medicine trials for early-stage lung cancer patients. In this trial whether the addition of targeted therapy this standard of here these patients whose cancer is removed will further improve their overall survival. During alchemist trial first, have surgery that is followed by standard adjuvant therapy and chemotherapy with radiation therapy for lung cancer patients. Cancer that has been removed surgically be tested for two change are EFR and ALK genotyping. These changes are not common about ten percent of patients stage lung cancer are found to have mutations where five to six percent have all chain. Since this gene is uncommon will need to screen a large number of patients about six to eight thousand in order to study an adequate number of patients with the two Patients whose tumor will be EGFR are treated with a lot against flexible. Patients will all chain will be treated. All patients irrespective of their gene status will be followed on alchemist trial for the clinical outcome as well as the ideological outcome. Lung map is a precision medicine trial for lung cancer. These lung cancer patients are treated with first-line chemotherapy and their tumor now stops responding to that therapy. Depending on the genetic test result of patients tumor tissue Patients lung map will then be enrolled in one of the many arms of the lung map trial that is testing the drug against genetic mutation and standard of here. Patients whose tumor do not have any genetic abnormality will also have an opportunity to enrolled in the arm where we are testing immunotherapy against the standard of therapy. As the science, the most forward doctor will be discovering more genetic abnormalities in patients tumor tissue and also have more targeted drugs that will stop those tumors from growing Both alchemist and lung memorial has the flexibility to open arms in future to study those lung cancer patients. This is an exciting time for the scientist to understand and treat lung cancer patients to get many of the clinical trials in a wide nation. With the alchemist and Lung map-able, the patients NCI clinical trial is a network throughout the nation. Alchemist and Lung map is the precision medicine trials for patients with lung cancer is open to all sites that participate in the NCI National clinical trial network (NCTN).

Precision medicine is used as targeted therapy for brain tumors

One major therapy advancing in all of the cancer including brain tumors is the understanding of the molecular changes that drive instruments. So with the output projects of the national institute has helped cancer. Change all the molecular drive of lumens and because of that doctor can now start to develop trials that target this molecular driven. Precision medicine is used as an effective treatment for the treatment of a brain tumor. Research can research more in order for these diseases.

The future role of precision medicine which is used to treat cancer

Precision medicine is used for the treatment of cancer patients in order to understand the genetic condition of cancer. Now the doctor selects the best treatment plan in order to treat the diseases based on the characteristics of diseases. Precision medicine is not a new term but we can also do practice for a specialized and critical procedure. Precision medicine performs a great role in the treatment of cancer. A patient diagnosed with a similar form of treatment and have the grade to treat cancer. Patients provided different responses to the same treatment of cancer. Precision also helps in the genetic treatment of cancer.

Precision Medicines is used for the treatment of cancer for the upcoming year

Some approach that is used for precision medicine that is available to treat cancer for the treatment of cancer for future years.

  • Finding the proper dose of the proper drug of precision medicine
  • Genomic and cancer
  • Growing replacement tissue
  • Molecular profit of microbes
  • Personalized diets

In the case of a personalized diet, patiently takes proper and balanced food intake and activity in which an electronic device maintain the glucose level in the patient blood.

Why precision medicine is important for the treatment of pancreatic cancer

The doctor can treat pancreatic cancer for all patient is different. If precision medicine therapy is not working for one patient it is work for someone else. The patient can response to pancreatic cancer is different by depending on various factors are age, stage of diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and the biology of pancreatic cancer for the cancer patient. The treatment of pancreatic medicine is based on pancreatic cancer that helps to increase the recovery of treatment of pancreatic cancer that is suffered by the cancer patient.

Precision medicine is used as the targeted therapy for the treatment of medicine in Oncology

Precision medicines are used as an emerging approach for the prevention and treatment of cancer that typically brings variation in the gene, environment, and lifestyle to develop a treatment plan for cancer patients. The goal of precision medicine on cancer. When the doctor can use precision medicine the patient get different benefit while using this for the treatment of cancer. This medicine helps to improve the diagnosis of patient and prognosis. It helps you to determine the response of the patient while using it. It also helps you to determine the location of cancer in which part of the patient body is suffered from cancer.

Targeted therapy found precision medicine which is used to treat cancer from a cancer patient. Other medicines which are similar to precision medicine are the therapy of drugs. Drug therapy is an effective therapy in the subset of the patients. Research of precision medicine shows the different response of the patient for the alteration in the genes. It affects the specific molecules that drive for the growth and spread of cancer in the patient body of the malignancy.

The overall goal for the treatment of management of cancer for the patient.

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