Privacy policy

The privacy policy of Best Cancer Treatment is available on our website and you can read it by visiting our privacy policy page by visiting

Our privacy policy page tells you about the collection of your personal data that you provide while visiting our website, you can know about the collection, usage, declaration of your personal data.

We collect your personal data in order to improve our services. We collect various types of data like.

Personal data

Your personal data is accounted for in order to recognize you while you are using our services or visiting the various pages of this website. The personal data that are asked by us are your E-mail address and your Full name.


Cookies are collected to classify and analyze your activity on our website. You can decline the request of usage of cookies, but by doing that you may not be able to access some features of the website.

Certain types of cookies are used by us such as session cookies, preference cookies, security cookies.

Session cookies are used to operate our services more precisely.

Preference cookies are used by us to remember the choices and settings made by visitors to our website.

Security cookies are used for various security purposes.

Usage Data

The data on how the services are used is also collected by us. The usage data includes the IP address of the computer on which the website is accessed, what kind of a browser is used while browsing the website and the version of that browser.

The website collects several data for various purposes

Maintainance of service, to inform about the changes made into the services, allowing our readers to participate in our interactive features, to provide customer care support when asked, to detect service usage, to provide preventional measures in technical issues.

Data Transfer

The data you provide might be exchanged to other servers, computers which are located out of your locality, nation, and to other administrations having different laws on information sharing and handling of that information.

Best Cancer Treatment makes sure that It pressurize on the fact that the information provided by its visitors are handled with utter responsibility and carefulness and as this privacy policy mentions already then there will no exchange of personal data to the authorities and administrations having no satisfying regulations on the safety of the data that are being transferred.

Data disclosure

Best Cancer Treatment has to disclose your data if there is an obligation for a good cause such as to respect and follow legal orders, to preserve the rights and property of Best Cancer Treatment, in search of some illegal actions, to provide safety to data this website.

Security of Data

To ensure safety for data of our readers is the most important priority for us and to ensure that safety we put all efforts in all aspects for it be the case of the security budget, technology, etc. But there are certain techniques which cannot be tackled at first place.

Service providers

To ensure flawless service we also use the services of some third party and they come to know as service providers to us. And these third parties have access to the data that you provide on this website to some extent to provide smooth services.