Radiation Therapy for Cancer. Advantages & Side effects

Radiation Therapy for Cancer. Advantages & Side effects
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Radiation therapy treatment for cancer is used at high doses to kill cancer cells and reduces tumors. Radiation at low doses with x-rays to see inside our body, our teeth, and broken bones. Radiation therapy is used to cure us of tumor cells and kill any cells from cancer to the surrounding area. The main goal of radiation therapy treatment of cancer to cure us of cancer cells. Radiation therapy is actually the treatment just like regular access. So, we put people in a specific treatment position turned from the back and machines comes over and delivers the treatment. During treatment, you can see a tested, smelled, feel or anything. You get radiation from the outside of the machine. As machine turned off and radiation leaves your body. Typically radiation therapy is done in less than ten minutes. The radiation therapy is given to cancer patients from 6:30 in the morning up to 4:30 p.m. It is the best time to give radiation therapy treatment to cancer patients. Typically in case of breast cancer, radiation therapy is given at least six weeks to those cancer patients who suffer from breast cancer. But in the case of prostate cancer, it takes more time than that of breast cancer patients. Radiation therapy is given up to 8 weeks to those patients who suffer from prostate cancer. Treatment of radiation therapy totally depends upon patients what type of cancer they suffer. Radiation is used in about fifty percent for cancer patients by cell, sometimes in conjunction. We surgery chemotherapy. The patient who was diagnosed in cancer patients in a periodical trial which comes inside with this treatment. Doctors take a minimum of six weeks in this treatment which is equal to and better than the standard treatment. There is no visible reaction inside the radiation therapy. If radiation therapy is required in the chronical trials. Now doctor can use city scan, EMRI, ultrasound to those patients who suffer from cancer in order to diagnose which part of the body is affected. As compared to other treatment radiation therapy put the radiation on the whole body parts, tissues or cells which is affected by cancer. Radiation therapy provides better care in less time. It is a smaller treatment which is used to treat cancer for cancer patients by using radiation in radiation therapy. Radiation therapy can handle many feasible situations. It is a very highly condensed type of therapy. It is used to treat brain tumors, lung cancers, liver cancers and other diseases that can require a very high degree of precision and effective treatment. It is used to recognized person stream accuracy within brain point tumors or any other organs that may surround. The machine is used in radiation therapy can come down by focus the beam of radiation with high precision. It can also meet less time in radiation therapy. The machine that is work in accuracy and high precision and delivers high doses of radiation o the part of the body which is affected by cancer.

Types of Radiation therapy is used to treat cancer

There are two major types of radiation therapy which is used to cancer

  • External beam radiation therapy
  • Internal radiation therapy

External beam radiation therapy

External beam radiation therapy comes from a machine whose main aim is to give radiation on the part of our body that is affected by cancer. Those machines are used for external beam radiation therapy are bigger in size and produce a loud noise. This machine does not touch the part of your body. It is used in radiation therapy can rotate the body of the patient in any direction and send radiation around your body. It is a local treatment of radiation therapy which is used to treat a specific part of our body. By taking an example if you are suffering from lung cancer then this machine is used to give radiation on the heart of the patient body.

Type of radiation is used in external beam radiation therapy are

  • Proton
  • Electron

Types of External beam therapy which is used to protect patient from cancer are

  • Tomotherapy
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery
  • Stereotactic body radiation therapy

Internal radiation therapy

In internal radiation therapy, a source of radiation is put inside the body of the patient. The source of radiation therapy is either solid or liquid. Combination of solid Source of radiation that is put inside our body with Internal radiation therapy is called brachytherapy. In this treatment, a seed, capsule or ribbon is placed nearby the part of our that is affected by tumor or cancer. In internal radiation therapy brachytherapy is used to treat the specific part of our body that is affected by cancer.

The various technique that is used Brachytherapy is

  • Interstitial brachytherapy
  • Intracavity brachytherapy
  • Episcleral brachytherapy

Combination of liquid source that is put nearby affected part by cancer with Internal radiation is called systematic therapy. The meaning of systematic therapy is to treat blood is travel to tissue throughout the body. Basically, it is done to kill cells inside the tissue that is affected by cancer. You can receive it by swallowing through an IV line inside the vein, through injection. Our body the urine, sweat, saliva leaves the radiation with internal radiation after the testing of system therapy.

By depending on factors there are various types of therapy

  • The type of cancer
  • Size of cancer
  • Cancer is located in which part of our body
  • How tumor cells are the closer body that is sensitive to radiation
  • Medical history related to the health of the patient
  • Whether the person has another type of treatment which is used to cure our body of cancer

The doctor determines the stage of cancer just by testing cell inside the tissue of patient body parts. It can be determined by any type of test like internal or external radiation therapy.

Why people need radiation therapy treatment for cancer

Radiation therapy treatment is used to treat cancer and to ease cancer symptoms. when used to treat cancer cure cancer or slow its growth stops it from returning. when used to ease cancer symptoms is known as palliative treatment. External beam radiation may shrink the tumor to treat pain and other problems caused by tumor such as trouble breathing and bladder control .pain from cancer that has

Advantages of radiation therapy treatment to treat the cancer patient

There is a way of getting growth of cells to slow down, old cells become destroyers, and new cell s grow, but when unwanted cells grow in our body, it does not end there. These unwanted cells are entered into other cells or it starts to go into the system is called cancer, Drugs or medicines and radiation therapy is used to remove the unwanted cells. Let us know about the role of radiation therapy that is used to treat cancer. There are three parts of radiation therapy that is used to treat cancer. First is radiology in which x-ray, MRI, CT-scan are placed which is used to diagnose cancer. In the second radiation are used in relation to the work such as radioiodine, thallium. All these steps are taken that are used to diagnose or treatment of cancer. Radiation is a two based sword. Radiation therapy is useful for all patients. As compared to radiation hazard before providing radiation therapy some of the steps should be kept in mind first doctor check that patient is suffered from cancer or not, In second stage doctors determine the stage of cancer and the third most important point that is remembered by doctor radiation is beneficial for the treatment of patient cancer or not. By ensuring these points, then the doctor gives radiation therapy to the patient. Do you want to about cancer in which radiation therapy treatment is curative? See, the progress of cancer in the last several years has been the goal of doing this with radiation therapy. We have to remove cancer, as well as the body in the treatment. The main goal of radiation therapy is to minimize the radiation therapy. If the patient is not cured completely. Then today's time we cannot be considered anything else. The main goal of radiation therapy is used to minimize the side effect. If we provide radiation treatment then it can be cured. Radiation therapy is better than cobalt treatment. The early stage of larynx cancer or skin cancer wherein lips or eyes where the surgery will make a face distorted or it can be controlled through radiation so we can use radiation. So in this cases providing radiation therapy treatment in such cases is better. Radiation treatment is also better than cobalt treatment also. In cobalt treatment, the rays are passed into the rectangle part but the form of our cancerous cell is irregular. In cobalt treatment due to raised passed in the rectangular form so nearby tissues are damaged that why in a slow manner some of the machines are invented in which you provide shape filled like If cancer is formed in fixed shaped then leaves of radiation is opened in such pattern. In this pattern beam of x-ray or photon is inserted. Radiation therapy can be easily done through linear accelerator machine but there are many side effects in case of cobalt treatment. In the case of cobalt treatment accelerating power is less but in case of linear accelerator machine, there is deep accelerating power in which if cancer present inside the cell is deeply then linear accelerating power is better. If you use cobalt treatment to treat deep tissue then superficial tissue gets burnt.

The side effect of the radiation therapy of the treatment of cancer

By affecting damages healthy cells nearby cancerous cells then cause side effect in our body as a whole. radiation therapy treats many types of cancer but like other treatments, it causes side effects. These are different for different persons. This depends on the type of cancer, location in the body, radiation dose and general health. Linear accelerator machine provides a high dose of radiation which is used to kill cancer cells. damage comes from healthy cells nearby treated area. major advances to radiation therapy reduce the side effects.

Radiation therapy treatment for lung cancer

Do you know when radiation therapy treatment is used to reduce lung cancer? Radiation is used to treat lung cancer. Firstly we know about lung cancer. In some early stages of lung cancer, surgery or radiation treatment is used to treat lung cancer. A role of radiation is very limited. It is used when cancer that is spread in the lymph node. Radiation can be used in early stages of cancer or later stages of lung cancer. There are different goals in our mind. Do you know about the latest technology in radiation therapy treatment that is used to treat lung cancer? How it can be done. Exciting radiation treatment for patients merely the best technology that how the patient can cure in minimizing side effects of lung cancer. It can bring radiation that can be passed through tissue of the chest. It is possible that healthy tissue protected during radiation treatment for lung cancer. Doctors can give low radiation inside the tissue of the chest, spinal cord, lungs, esophagus. The doctor can locate the structures and identify the target then a simple computer helps you to plan to lead and identify the target the cells that are affected by cancer.

Radiation is a very strong x-ray high technicians, high dose x-rays. These radiation damage the tumor cells that are present in the lungs and unable to recover DNA damage. A cancer cell is an attempt to divide unable to complete as a result. Two types of treatment are used external beam radiation which is the most common form of radiotherapy. It directs the radiation at cancer from outside the body and the next treatment is used to treat lung cancer that is brachytherapy. It is a type of radiation therapy in which radioactive material is placed inside the body. It allows the higher doses of radiation to be delivered to a specific body site and causes cancer fewer side effects. Doctors can determine one of the treatments among two treatment which s used to treat cancer. It can be done through planning just by using CT simulation which is a computerized tomography that can scan uses images or pictures of the lung that is affected by cancer to plan the most accurate and personalized radiation therapy treatment to target lung cancer. After radiation is used to focusing the part of lung cancer. It can take the time up to nine weeks. One of the side effects suffered by the patient. The patient is suffering from fatigue. In more cases to remove fatigue the best way to take a properly balanced diet or to sleep in time properly.

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